• Jennifer Bonner

My Morning Routine

I wake up, as a ray of sunshine lights my face and a bluebird sings outside my window. I sit up, hair, perfectly disheveled, and I begin my morning journaling and meditation. I pour myself a perfect cup of coffee and read my daily pages.

Simple right?


Seriously, if I could have my ideal morning, I would sit with woolly socks with coffee in my bed and blog and read and then change into actual pjs and go to bed later.

My schedule is probably more unpredictable than I can actually describe here, but it is anything but peaceful. But I strive to make it so.

1. Set alarm for AT LEAST 6 hours after I went to bed. This is essential. I need 6 hours to function at my peak, and because my schedule is so wonky, the time constantly changes.

2. Check my phone for missed calls. Because of the nature of my work as an actor and host, I need to be sure I am not needed at that exact moment. If I am, I shorten this routine. If not, onward we go.

3. Workout. Yes, you read that right. Workout. Before I even leave my room for coffee or I WON'T DO IT.

4. Meditate.

5. Coffee and PANCAKES. Yep, almost every day. Kodiak Protein Pancakes are my FAVORITE thing. They do not sponsor me. But I found them. I love them. I have them (almost) every day. With strawberries. With bananas. With blueberries. I love it all. Then a beautiful cup of magic bean juice with Vital Proteins to amp up that protein and refuel after my workout. Usually watching Psych, Friends, or The Office (or Christmas Hallmark movies at that time of the year).

6. Computer work. Now, after my "me time", I sit at my computer and get to work. Check emails and respond to my agent. Hopefully book an audition or two. Catch up on any blogs and correspondence. Check all those social media pages. Basically, this is productive time! It takes as long as it takes. Sometimes I have to switch to number 8 and continue this when I get home. It helps me put less pressure on myself.

7. Get ready for the day. Shower, hair, makeup...all of these depend on number 8. So...

8. Whatever is scheduled for my day. Is it an audition? A gig? Time to go film for The Lifestyle List? Absolutely nothing? Every day is different, but I try to keep to this schedule as much as possible.

I am by no means perfect. But this helps to keep me in some semblance of sanity.

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