• Jennifer Bonner

Keep Working. Keep Dreaming.

I've been watching "The Nanny" all day.

Now, I have seen every episode multiple times, but television that I grew up with is comforting. It's what I use to have noise in the background while I work. I hear it. It wraps me in a hug of familiarity, and every now and then I stop and have a real laugh.

Fran Drescher was 36 when "The Nanny" premiered. Lucille Ball was 40 when "I Love Lucy" hit the air.

Did they just "decide" to be the star of a television show as an "Act 2" in their life? No. They worked. They worked so very hard every day to achieve the success that they dreamed of.

Lucille Ball was a blonde and then a brunette chorus girl (she actually could sing rather well) that the studio was ready to boot. In a last-ditch effort to "make her stick," they dyed her hair red. And she studied physical her 30's because she had to make something work or she was out. Her hard work became one of the most iconic television shows of all time (not to mention she partially owned the studio that produced it).

Fran Drescher worked to tone down her nasal vocal quality, which we all know now has made her famous. She had bit parts in films and television shows...but she kept going. And while she may not be everyone's cup of tea, staying in this business until she was 36 until her "big break" is pretty admirable.

So while I was working today; in this uncertain, wacky reality we are living in, I was reminded to keep going.

Because, while my work may not pay off in a television show or a studio deal (life never quite works out the way we planned, and success is never, EVER a straight line), I will continue. I will continue to work hard. Because that is what it takes.

Nothing is handed to you. And no matter what, you will never regret hard work. Especially if you are focused on what you love. And truly, life is far too short to not fill it with love.

So today, live, love, work hard and keep dreaming. It's not too late for me, and it's not too late for you.

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