• Jennifer Bonner

Being You is Your Purpose

I run. From job to job. gig to gig. Home to work. Character to character. Constantly. I chase dreams and goals like I have a fire ablaze under my booty. Figuratively, I do. The clock in my head ticking louder and louder with every year.

What is my purpose? Why am I here? Do I do anything worthwhile? Do I give to this world?

I have lived a lot of lives. I have taken leaps of faith. Trying to find my purpose.

But I am finding, as I continue to live my most authentic and genuine life, that that is a futile chase. One that we may never win. The finish line just may not exist.

So, what does that mean? There's no reason to be here? No. But I think maybe it's more about living in the moment and being present in what you give to the world at that moment. The little things. The big things. All of it. That IS life.

One of the lives that I had was as a teacher. I feel I probably touched people at their deepest level when I was teaching. THAT, I miss terribly. But I wasn't built to be a teacher. The love and care for my students were there, but I am telling you, teachers are one of the most special breeds of humans on this planet and I salute them every day...I am just a little too selfish. I had too many things I wanted to do. But if I ever go back to a job, that will be it.

Anyway, I bring this up because I was driving to film the other day (the world needs The Lifestyle List, what can I say) and one of my former students, who moved to Nashville to pursue HER dreams, came up on my Spotify. And I melted with pride.

I started thinking about her and all of my kids, my Theatre kids, out there all grown up and living their own versions of their dreams. And often, when I look at my life, I worry that I ran from that part of my life too soon. That I was too selfish. That maybe THAT had been my purpose and I had missed it.

And then I thought, but what if...what IF, the pride I feel for her, for them, what if the fact that I DID take a leap, that I DID go after my dreams, that THAT is the best way I could ever teach. The students that I actually taught can look at me and think "Hey, Bonner tried. She always told me too, and she did. So, I should too." You know, that whole lead by example thing. What if that was the most honest and genuine way I could EVER teach. Not just them, but the world in general.

There is a great quote that says "you never know who you may be inspiring." And I think that goes for all of us. In every part of our lives. Be kind, you don't know who is watching. You fall, get up, you never know who needs to see that. Try, because WHY NOT!? Help, and look for the helpers in these trying times.

But mostly, don't run away from yourself while trying to find your purpose. Run towards yourself, and you will find your purpose there. Living. Being. In the moment. Being authentically you. Being an amazing teacher, doctor, nurse, bartender, artist, carpenter, mother, sister, friend, human. Be you. Let that be your purpose. Because that is what will truly inspire others. And yourself.

Love to you all.

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