• Jennifer Bonner

Banish Brassiness with Food Coloring


First and foremost let me apologize to my hair stylists, but I HAD TO DO SOMETHING...and I know you didn't want me picking up a box of color. My hair has been every color of the (natural hair color) rainbow. Dark brown, auburn, copper, blonde...yep, I've had every shade and level on this head. I love changing my hair color. It's a way to change my look without cutting my hair. Let's just say, anything shoulder length or shorter and I turn into a mushroom. RIght now, I have settled on something very near my natural light brown...a slight balayage into a dark ash blonde. But with the rainbow in there already, it's very hard to maintain...and like everyone, my trips to the salon have been cancelled thanks to COVID-19. Seriously, the first thing I am DOING is going to the salon when this is all over. Back to the point. My hair pulls brassy ALL the time...and going from copper to brunette, it has pulled even more so. And the second I see a HINT of brass, I freak out, and make that appointment for toner. Well, that option is clearly not available to me at the moment. And I have tried everything. Blue shampoo, blue conditioner, purple shampoo, drops, at home toner...nothing seemed to work. So yesterday, I tried something a little more DIY. Green food coloring. Good, old fashioned Betty Crocker food coloring.

I should have done a bit more research first, as there is a version with white distilled vinegar, but I will try that next time and let you know how it goes. This is what I did. Jumped in the shower and added about 7 drops to my shampoo. Guys, it was GREEN. Maybe do what I didn't and wear some gloves. My hands were feeling that green afterwards for a few washes. I lathered up and let it sit on my head while I continued the shower (you don't need those deets) for about 3-5 minutes. Rinsed. Added 3 drops to my blue conditioner (currently using Matrix Brass Off) and let that sit for about 2 minutes. Rinsed. Here is a before and after.

It's not an AMAZING transformation, but I see enough of a difference to let you know. But is IS softer and much closer to a natural look. I will keep you updated as I try it a few different ways. Next time, I will try adding some blue to the green (as I have a little orange as well - it's all about the color wheel folks) and adding it to vinegar.

Guys, I know you miss the salon. But try not to dye your hair at home! It will take our beloved hair stylists so much work (and you so much money) to get it back where you want it. I speak from experience. As does my wallet. So take this little tip to get you through this Shelter-at-Home time...and all will be well soon enough.

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